Brokerage Services

At the heart of Lampost Capital is its sophisticated trading desk.  Manned by our experienced traders and equipped with the latest technology, the Lampost trading desk  has its finger on the pulse of the market and is standing ready to carefully work your equity and options orders. 

When dealing with our  trading desk, all clients can expect:

Personal Attention - Unlike larger firms with levels of bureaucracy separating you from the trader handling your orders, Lampost clients enjoy direct access to our experienced traders.  By speaking directly with our traders you can benefit from our insight, eliminate miscommunications regarding order handling instructions and free yourself to focus on the next investment opportunity while we carefully work your order.

Smart Order Routing - Whether you trade equities or options, our smart order routing technology can instantly access liquidity in multiple execution venues, improving the price, speed and fill quality of your orders while minimizing impact and exposure to the  primary  market.

Handling of Illiquid or Volatile Securities - Best execution isn't always about speed.  When trying to scale in or out of a position in an illiquid or volatile security, our traders know how to delicately handle your order to maintain anonymity and minimize market impact. 

Cost Savings - Because of Lampost Capital's streamlined business model, it is able to offer its clients brokerage services at a lower cost than larger, full-service firms.