Retail Customers

Lampost Capital's retail customers include a wide range of individual investors and traders that prefer direct access with the knowledgeable professionals on our trading desk as opposed to the electronic platforms of mass-market brokerage houses.  While many of these clients have their own sophisticated trading strategies, being able to discuss investment ideas and gain market insight from our traders enhances their investment experience. 

Lampost Capital currently offers its Retail Customers equity and options order routing and execution services; brokerage services, including guidance through Rule 144 sales, and prospectus sales or other special situations.  In addition, Lampost offers qualified investors an array of private investment funds and alternative investment strategies which suit a wide range of risk parameters.  To learn more about these investments, including an investment in the Lampost Blue Chip Fund, contact us today.  If you are an existing or prospective retail customer and maintain a traditional 401(k) or IRA, please use this calculator to determine your required minimum distribution.

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