Order Routing & Execution

In an increasingly fragmented marketplace, Lampost Capital prides itself on being able deliver the best execution possible given the liquidity, volatility and real spread of an issue balanced with the urgency and trading goals of the client.  By implementing the latest smart order routing technology embedded in the LAMP and POST routes, Lampost can instantly access liquidity in multiple exchanges, ATS's, dark pools and other execution venues.  As a result, Lampost may be able to  improve the price, speed and fill quality of our clients' equity and options orders while minimizing impact and exposure to the  primary  market.  To learn more about our smart order routing technology click here.

LAMP route:  Liquidity Aggregation Mapping Protocol


Innovative Payment for Order flow
For wholesale customers, Lampost Capital will work with you on creating a payment schedule appropriate for your type of order flow, including rebates for adding liquidity.  Regardless of any payment for order flow arrangement, your clients' orders will receive the best execution possible.

POST route: Payment Optimization Seeking Technology